Here's a common situation... You go to a bar or a club... See the girl of your dreams... After a little bit of thinking, you get the courage to approach her... BUT... She ignores you almost instantly. Why does this happen?

Well, it takes only a split second for a woman to form an impression on whether you're attractive or not based purely on how you look and the way you are dressed. You see ALL women have a so called "type" and if you're not her type, you're essentially fighting an uphill battle.

But... Hold on... What if you could dress in such a way that you immediately come across more attractive to women and therefore become their "type", is this even possible?

Think about it, we all know that people form a first impression on how you look within seconds - that's why you wear a suit for an important business meeting as this is likely to make you come across educated, professional and organised. Or, if you're going to a rock concert, you might decide to wear a leather jacket on top of a Beatles t-shirt to show your passion for rock music. Whether you realise it or not, the outfit you decide to put on every morning will directly impact the way people perceive you - he looks neat, he looks nerdy, he looks trendy, he looks smart, he looks scruffy and so on.

Also, during the period we have been running our Fashion Makeover service, we have documented on video thousands of instances where in ONLY one day we have transformed a guys image from a score of 4 or 5 to a 8 or 9 in a woman's eye, which indicates that with the right approach, you can completely shift how a woman sees you. Have a look at the video below to see for yourself how it is possible to get women into you by purely using fashion and style.

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