One of the most common questions we get asked by men is “When it comes to attracting women, do looks matter?”

Any dating coach that says having good looks makes no difference at all, is lying. It does make a difference, BUT it does NOT make a big difference. Good looks guarantee a few extra minutes of conversation with us girls, but if you are a dull person, you are still off our radars very fast. This is why you will see beautiful women walking arm in arm with average looking guys on the street all the time.

Two things that matter much more than good looks is you yourself as a person, and your ability to psychologically stimulate our brains.

This 7 Day Get Any Woman Programme is designed for you to become your best self through an improvement in many aspects of your life, such as your body language, your conversation skills, your fashion, your voice tone, your charisma, your confidence level and so on. It also teaches you all the secrets (such as the OSQ and the NPE methods) on how to psychologically stimulate women through interesting, playful and exciting conversations that bond with us at the deepest connection level. Once you have mastered the art of psychologically stimulating us, we will show you how to break physical barriers in the ‘smoothest’ way possible, to ensure that you are equipped with all the skills to attract any women you desire.

This is the most intensive self-improvement programme ever created, packed with 80 hours of training within the short span of just 1 week. Our coaches will continually push you to adapt and learn new knowledge you don’t even know exist. It will be the most challenging, and yet the best week of your life.
Here is a quick snapshot of how your seven days will go:      

DAY 1:

10 am to Mid-day - You will meet your dedicated coordinator for the week, who will discuss with you your tailored action plan.

Mid-day to 1pm - A lunch time break will give you a chance to go through your action plan and to prepare yourself for this remarkable once in a lifetime experience.

1pm to 4pm - You will meet with our in-house psychologist who specialises in human behavior. She will delve deep into your personality traits and make you aware of inherent areas of your character that you should work on during your week. The aim will be to empower you by giving you the knowledge on how to turn your negative traits into positive ones. Many students leave this session feeling overwhelmed by the insights that they gain of their self. Marcus, a 30 year old accountant from Manchester, stressed:

"Sitting down with Rose was a powerful experience. She got me to see myself in way I've never seen myself before, it was scary. I was shocked to see that I was entirely oblivious before to how much I'd neglected myself over the years. It became clear why I wasn't finding love. I can honestly say this was one of the most eye-opening experiences I've ever had"

4pm to 7pm - Ever wondered why some men have the swagger and the poise, and most don’t? The standard generic advice ‘Head up, shoulders back, stand up straight’ is simply far from enough.  For you to look cool, your body language needs to suit your personality. For example, what works on Justin Timberlake is very much different from what works on Larry Ellison. The former is a very handsome and famous actor, while the latter is a middle-aged multi-billionaire who founded one of the biggest IT companies in the world, Oracle. Both men display cool body language and command the attention of everyone when they enter a room, but in very much different ways. Your dating consultant will work with you and show you the best type of body language that suits you, so that you look as cool and attractive as possible.

She will also teach you the OSQ method, which works wonders when it comes to maintaining an interesting conversation with any woman. The OSQ method is a very, very powerful technique that

7pm to 10pm - Time out, a chance for you to have dinner, have a moment to yourself and take in all the coaching that you have received. 
10pm to 2am - You will meet your dating consultant, who will take you out for a night that you will never forget. You will go to an exclusive members’ club, such as Mahiki in Piccadilly Circus, or Cirque Le Soir in Carnaby, where the most attractive women of London frequent. With the powerful knowledge that you learned earlier on, don’t expect to leave the club with anything less than a few numbers from the 9s and 10s you have been talking to the whole night.

DAY 2:

10am to 3pm - You will meet our very own professional stylist and undergo a complete fashion makeover. This experience is designed to demonstrate just how important clothes are to the opposite sex.

You will learn why certain items of clothing are more attractive to women than others, and you will develop a fashion sense where you will be able to walk into any store and quickly spot what's in and what's not. Guys often wonder why a woman that they are attracted to is not receptive to them. One of the obvious reasons is that your style does not connect well with the type of ladies that you like. In other words, you fail to form something that we call a 'style match'.

Often, when two people meet for the first time, there are some telling signs of whether you will be compatible, such as body language, style of conversation and the way you dress. Your style is revealing; it hints to us your character and interests. For this reason, knowing how to dress is more than just about style, it's about displaying internal qualities that will appeal to the type of women that you're interested in.

3pm to 7pm - Your dating coach will focus on self development training by working on three core areas: approaching, conversation building and charisma. The objective is to get you to understand what it takes to build a quick and impactful connection with someone you meet for the first time.

This session will involve practicing both direct and indirect openers on desirable females. Our dating consultant will show you what works on her, so that you can see what takes to get a woman interested in talking with you for the first time.

The next part of your training will involve conversation building. When you meet someone for the first time, what keeps them talking to you is whether you can develop the conversation in a fun and interesting way.

So, as part of helping you with conversation, you will go on mini challenges with your consultant and will build conversations with women you haven't met before.
As part of the on-the-go training, your consultant will break down for you the steps you must take to come across charismatic. This is essential if you want to grab the attention of someone that you've not met before. We are naturally hesitant to bond with strangers, however, a charismatic stranger can build a positive and lasting impression very quickly. For example, a charismatic person can use a certain conversation technique to make you feel special and understood.

7pm to 10pm - Your time to unwind, message back all the women who are likely to be texting you to go on dates, refresh your mind and prepare yourself for a night of entertainment and socialising.

10pm to 2am - Time to experience the high life and visit Tape, a private members club that's mostly frequented by fashion models, actresses and artists. Your consultant will work with you on something known as displaying high value and night attraction.

You have to remember that the way you appeal to women on a night out is different - you have to come across cool, your conversation has to be short and humorous and you have to know how to stand out from other men. Here's what WeiXian, who came all the way from Singapore, had to say:

"I walked into Tape and was in instant shock. I don't think I've seen that many attractive women under one roof before. I practiced night attraction with Lucy and was surprised at how easy it was to get these ladies super keen. We ended up grouping together 5 stunning girls and going to an after party. It was rock'n'roll until early hours of the morning"

DAY 3:

10am to 3pm - Your first matchmaking session with our in-house compatibility expert. A chance for you to go on more dates with beautiful women in 5 hours than some guys go on in years.

This may very well be your most adventurous day... You will go out with your matchmaker looking for specific women that are going to be instantly compatible with you - there's nothing like it!

Once your matchmaker helps to spot these women, she will then embark on a proactive mission to not only introduce you to these women, but will also organise instant dates for you. Here's what Albert from Cambridge had to say:

"My matchmaking session was a dream come true. Jenny basically did all the work for me, she approached beautiful girls, had a chat with them, got them very keen in me and set up a date straight away. It was AMAZING to see and even more incredible to experience. I went on 4 dates in 5 hours with girls that were definitely out of my league. On that very day, I met Amber, who was my third date and has now been my girlfriend for over 8 months."

The success rate of our matchmaking session comes down to two key areas:

1. Selection - Your matchmaker is an expert at compatibility and will be able to quickly spot women who you will have a great chemistry with. This changes everything, as you will only go on dates with women that are naturally likely to bond with you.

2. On-going training and feedback - Your compatibility expert will carefully watch you in action and will give you feedback through an earpiece. Therefore, you will know exactly how to behave during a date to get a woman attracted to you.

3pm to 4pm - A little moment to eat and ponder the love stories that you  were just a part of for the last five hours, and get yourself ready for your next session which will involve training you for two key attractive attributes: playfulness and humour.

4pm to 7pm - Your dating consultant will be waiting to show how being playful and using humour can rapidly get any woman attached to you, regardless of your wealth or looks.

Being playful is the single biggest act that results in two people breaking physical barriers. When you learn how to be playful with women, they immediately crave intimacy with you. On the other hand, humour is the art that can make any guy stand out from the rest in a crowded room. When you know how to make a women truly laugh, she won't and can't forget you.

Once you understand how to use these two essential attributes, your consultant will take you out for some fun practice. Under carefully guidance, you will approach and interact with attractive women using playfulness and humour. You will quickly realise that you can literally walk up to any woman and get her immediately hooked into you by displaying these two characteristics.

7pm to 10pm - At this stage, most guys feel a sense of awakening, their initial disbelief at what is possible turns into motivation to discover new possibilities. This is how it should be, as you are going through an intense self-development week that aims to not only evolve you as a person, but life around you. With that in mind, you can get some rest, fuel your tank and brace yourself for an adventurous night out with your lifestyle consultant.

10pm to 2am - It's a f*ck rules night out at the famous Libertine by Chinawhite club. Yes, that's their motto; no rules should get in the way of fun for everyone. For you, however, it will be another educational encounter with your dating consultant as you learn the art of escalation and leading.

What makes some guys so successful with women is their ability to quickly progress closeness. This occurs in two ways: a physical and leading coupling. The physical aspect involves breaking down any physical barriers using a clever system of touching. Leading is the part where you bring the girl into your social circle and familiarise her with your world by knowing how to take charge.

Once these two steps are successfully executed, you will find that any woman you desire will follow you around, even though you may have just known her for 20 minutes.
DAY 4:

10am to 3pm - As part of your first date mastery session, your dating consultant will arrange for one of her female friends to come and do a mock date with you. It will be a chance for you to get instant feedback and advice from two different female perspectives. Here's what Lucas from Verona, Italy, had to say:

"Lucy set up a practice date with Holly who was incredible. They told me my face is too serious all the time. This is simple advice but makes a big difference. They corrected by style of communication, which was too dull before. They made me aware of my body language, I was slouching too much and didn't know how to show confidence. I learnt too much to write here. Unbelievable experience"

Your first date with a woman is your ultimate chance to shine. It's your moment to get her to go crazy about you so that she can't wait to see you again. However, too many times guys lose the chance to attract a woman that could be their soul mate because they don't know how to behave during that first encounter.

Us women are always looking for specific personality traits to help us make our mind up about you. Are you a smooth talker? Are you charming enough for her to introduce you to her family and friends? Can you keep her excited around you? These are just some of the subconscious questions that a woman has when she goes on a first date.

During your mock date, your dating consultant will put your through many different first date scenarios. For example, she will get your practice date to roleplay different personalities, such as the introverted shy character. Your consultant will correct your behaviour during your practice date, so that you instantly become aware of what you're doing wrong.

By the end of this session, your dates will not only start to see you as boyfriend marterial but they will fantasise about being with you. Your mock date will provide you with the all the training to get women literally begging to go on second dates with you.

3pm to 7pm - You will have a choice of two different activities: intensive salsa or voice coaching.

Salsa is sexy, passionate and gets women excited, period. Imagine for a second you could quickly grab a woman by the hand, spin her around and thrill her with your moves. She's never going to forget that close encounter and will definitely want more.

Or you can meet a voice coach who will give you the same training Hollywood actors and TV presenters receive. Some men know how to use their voice to project confidence and command respect. This is a big turn on, as your voice has been scientifically proven to play a crucial role in sexual selection. After this session, you will learn exactly how to use your voice to sound more attractive.

7pm to 9pm - Either your body or your voice is going to need some time for relaxation. Get yourself well groomed and ready for a walk on the wild side, as you frequent some of the busiest bars in London to learn the skill of 'Leaving a Lasting Impression'.

9pm to 1am - Ever noticed how some people you meet you just don't forget, whereas others fade from your memory moments after an initial encounter?

The reason for this is simple; we don't forget someone who acts outside the box. If you want to stick out in her mind, then something about you has to shine. This could be that you make her laugh more than any other guy she has met, or it could be that she finds you more charming than any other men she has talked to recently - it can literally be anything which makes you different from the average Joe that tries to hit on her.

This doesn't just apply to women, this works on other men too. If you're looking to expand your social network and know the right people, then this is one of the most valuable skills that you will ever learn.

To help you master this skill, your dating consultant will take you to swanky bars, such as STK, where she will guide you every step of the way on how to inject a lasting impression on every girl that you talk to. Just don't blame her if by the end of the night you have a harem of women following you around.

DAY 5:

10am to 1pm - Anxiety can potentially make the most interesting men come across timid and hesitant. This can hurt your chances with women as they will see this as you lacking confidence and charisma. To stop your anxiety, you will meet our in-house Psychologist who specifically deals with anxiety related issues.

She will give you both the psychological and practical tools to stop those anxious feelings that creep in during important moments in your life. Here's what Omar, who had anxiety for over 6 years, had to say:

"I struggled with a tricky problem; I've always been outgoing and funny, but would freeze every time I met a girl I really liked. This issue literally ruined ever chance I had with a hot date. After my anxiety consultation, I can hands down say that my life changed permanently. Simply by being able to control my nerves, I come across a lot more confident than I was before."

1pm to 2pm - Some alone time to have lunch and think of different ways you're going to meet women now that you can control those anxious feeling that have stopped you from finding love.

2pm to 7pm - Women are more likely to give you a chance if they are not in a rush to do something or get somewhere. One activity ALL women like to do in their spare time is shopping. Next time you're in a shop, check for yourself how many women browse around happily; guys this is our hobby!

Therefore, there's no better time to approach and attract a woman than when she's spending her time casually doing something that she enjoys.

Your dating consultant will show you specific techniques that will allow you to walk up to any women when she's shopping and get her hooked into a conversation with you. You will learn how to get numbers from beautiful women and organise dates there and then. You will also learn a highly effective persuasion method to make a women want to hang out with you instead of continuing to shop around. Aaron, an ex-student, explained the impact of this new skill better than anyone could:

"I'm bad news for the retail industry. I have a skill that has the power to make me way more interesting in women's eyes than anything she's shopping for. This knowledge is dangerous and should be used wisely."

7pm to 9pm - Your life is now full of options and you have more ways to meet women than you probably need. In fact, your phone will be buzzing with sounds of messages and calls from women you've met in the last five days. But... You're growing and there's always more ways to become the best possible version of you. So, time for you to get some rest and prepare yourself for an evening where you will learn to master the art of teasing.

9pm to 1am - Ever noticed how us women seem to have a thing for the "cheeky guy"? We just don't know how to say no to a guy who's able to push all those right buttons, period. When a woman says she finds you cheeky, you can simply decode this as her way of saying that your teasing works on her and that she's into you.

To learn this skill, your lifestyle consultant will take you out to a famous bar called Sketch, in Mayfair, known for attracting the best looking crowd in the city. Your consultant will direct you on the step-by-step method on how to tease women and get them excited when talking with you.

Excitement is the natural reaction that we feel when we are flirting and most of flirting is carried out through teasing. Therefore, this is a critical skill to have if you want to know how to psychologically stimulate our brains, and how to progress a relationship with a woman beyond just the "friend zone". Our ex-student, Fritjof, from Sweden, Stockholm, shared his thoughts on his session:

"I could already make girls enjoy my company, but I could not pass that stage. For me, learning how to tease is the best skill ever. It's incredible. It makes men and women like you more than normal. I like girls, so I couldn't believe how easy it became to get them to want me."

DAY 6:

10am to 5pm - As echoed before, it's best to strike a conversation and connect with a woman during a leisurely activity. Now it's time to meet with your specialist dating consultant and learn how to attract women in museums, art galleries and libraries, in a completely natural and non-intrusive way.

Although all these places are different, they all have one thing in common; it's a relaxed environment where people spend their free time discovering something new.

Your consultant will take you on an unforgettable adventure where she will show you step-by-step techniques to naturally grab the attention of women in places, such as the British Museum, National Gallery and the British Library. The reason most guys fail when approaching someone new is because they come across too full on and unnatural. This makes us women instantly defensive as we start to question your intentions.

However, you will learn charismatic techniques to easily start a conversation with a woman in a completely non-assuming way in these environments that will make you come across attractive.

Thereafter, you will learn the method of "Natural Progression and Escalation" that will allow you to take your interaction to the next level. As the name suggests, you will be able to build your conversation in such a way that will leave her literally excited at the idea of not only getting to know you better but will also make her want to share an experience with you.

This will be a powerful day that we leave for our students to experience closer to the end of their week, as you need a strong foundation to execute the skills that you will be learning during this long session.

5pm to 7pm - It's time to unwind and relax. A moment to further adjust to a life of abundance. It feels amazing and you feel like now you're ready to take on the world. It's an attitude you're going to need as you will be meeting your consultant for a Saturday evening like no other.

7pm to Midnight - You will be greeted by your dating consultant, who will take you on a small journey of self-awareness as you learn the importance of coming across socially savvy.

Anyone who has had a girlfriend in the past will know that at some point or another, you're expected to meet your girlfriend’s family and friends. Let's face it, this is a moment where you basically allow the closest people in her life to judge how suitable you really are.

Interestingly, the same process is occuring when you met a woman for the first time - she's subconsciously judging whether you display the right social qualities required to leave a good impression and make people like you.

Even dating back to the caveman days, this was a key mating criteria, as those men who had an ability to make people like them, were more likely to develop a large tribe and thus increase their chances of survival.

Therefore, us women base a major part of how we perceive you without even talking to you. That's because we form quick opinions on whether you're "Mr Right" or "Mr Wrong" by just watching how you behave around others.

You will spend an intensive evening learning how to come across in different environments, so that you're giving off the right social signals. For example, this will include learning how to deal with a waiter in a restaurant that's serving you on a date or how to interact in a group situation where you're expected to speak with more than just one person. You will attend an exclusive social gathering organised by your consultant, where you will learn specific skills, such as what to say, how to involve others in the conversation and ways to display a side to your personality that's irresistible to those around you.

Benjamin, an ex-student from the US, San Diego, described this session as follows:

"My pinnacle "AHA" moment of the week was seeing how I could get a woman to go crazy about me without even talking to her. Thanks to Emma, I knew how to act and what to say when I found myself in Firehouse talking with a girl I liked and four of her friends. By the end of the evening, her friends were saying things like, "If you don't get his number, then I'm going to" and "That's boyfriend material right there"."

DAY 7:

10am to 3pm – By this time at the last day of your training week, you probably have had a few intimate moments with the women you’ve been meeting. It is quite common that you will be smitten with somebody by now, and want to know how to turn your casual fling into a girlfriend. The good news is, the fact that a woman has chosen to have a sexual relationship with you means that she does see you as someone with the potential to be a boyfriend and a husband one day. The bad news is, sometimes a man fails at the long-term relationship stage, and it can be really painful.

You will meet up with Lucianne, our relationship expert who has helped thousands of men to achieve that goal. She will open your eyes to the psychology of a woman and explain to you what a woman really looks for in a long-term relationship. Lucianne will then give you a specific action plan on what to do so that your love interest won’t just be someone you are seeing, but someone you call a girlfriend.

3pm to 5pm – Time for your lunch break, and for you to ponder over the powerful knowledge that you’ve just gathered.

5pm to 10pm - Time to meet our very own sex coach / dating expert, who will show you how to keep your woman physically satisfied so that she never thinks about running away with another guy and cheating on you.

Most men have no clue how to seduce a woman; trust me, I'm a woman. In fact, lubricants are a product of bad sex. Us women have been biologically designed to get wet when we are aroused, so why are all you guys failing to excite us?

The simple answer is bad sex education. That's right, you learn at school that you're the lucky sperm who has benefited from your mum and dad having some fun in their honeymoon. Your next eye opening moment will likely come in the form of a porn site and, that's it, now you think you're a sex God who knows how to turn her fountain on. In reality, you're just one of many men who are a complete novice when it comes to understanding a female's pleasure points.

To make sure your night of passion doesn't end in frustration, your sex coach will explain how to get a woman into a sexual state so that she's in the mood to get intimate with you. This involves using the right voice tone, topics of conversation and methods of escalation. Also, she will walk you through the key female erogenous zones and the best way to trigger them. This will basically turn us into wild animals that want to rip your clothes off.

Zack, our student from London, Fulham, shared his thoughts on this session as follows:

"I had a friend at Uni who was no David Beckham but was seeing the hottest girl of the year. He was the definition of a bad guy, always cancelled on her, never said anything nice, but for some reason she was nuts about him. He would always say to me, "Don't worry, the way I give it to her no other guy can". It was only after this session that I finally understood what he meant. Basically, I've seen how you can give girls orgasms that make them keep coming back for more."

If you're ready to learn what it feels like to be able to walk up to any woman and within minutes get her excited about being with you, then BOOK NOW to join thousands of guys who have transformed their dating lives.